Get down to Niles on Monday June 23rd. Sees you kinda surprise I suppose
Leaves Niles on Tuesday June 24th. Nothing about breaking up with me.
Arrives Niles on Saturday July 5th. 11 days have gone by
Arrives Kalamazoo on Mondya July 7th, inform you that I am living at the Mission
Tuesday July 8th Breaks up with me!

My ex-girlfriend says she broke up wiht me bc I showed her and her grandma disrespect by coming down on the 23rd. You make a judgement call on this.

  • your ex girlfriend is going to tell you a million reasons she broke up with you. that’s just what girls do, every little thing that bothered them will come out as a reason to break up with you. also, anything that sounds like a good reason, even if they didn’t feel negatively about it at the time.

    she will probably also try to get back with you again.
    break the cycle, Vernon

    • I ain’t going to take her back again. I don’t want some wish washy ‘so-called friend’ who is going to break up with me because I stayed at a mission for 3 weeks. No one I have talked to has a problem with it, and since she does she can (caps lock) K-I-S-S M-Y A-S-S! (send)