YOUr Power 

If you think Donald J Trump can take YOUR power or Hillary Clinton would’ve given you power.  YOU’RE MISTAKEN. 
Your power is YOUR POWER.  Nobody (a President or Environmental Services Associate) can take it or give it to you. 


​I wonder why some (1/2) of the #Omaha TV stations don’t FULLY date the stories on their website like the other two? 

I visited all 4 websites & read a story (two from the one on East Farnam) to see if the had the following in the headline (somewhere) in the story. Month, Date, Year. KMTV & WOWT did. 

Who’s offending who? 

Hilary Duff And Boyfriend Offend With Racist Pilgrim And Native American Costumes | Huffington Post

This isn’t offensive on SO MANY LEVELS,  but what do I know. I dressed up as a dinosaur & the outrage was tremendous. 
Not knowing (or caring) about those two people heritage. Is there a chance they could be descendents from Pilgrims and/or Native Americans? 

Red, White, & Blue

So I heard there was a debate last night. 

I’ve got 97 Facebook friends & 12 support Hillary, 12 support Donald, 20 are voting for Donald,  77 just don’t care. 

When you post 7 status updates with negative connotation about Donald & the BEST thing you say about her is she wore a red outfit, blue outfit, & white outfit to the debate. 
Something may be wrong.