Today is Thursday October 1st 2015.

There was another active shooting incident in America.

People bring up gun control, shocked, outrage, etc.

As I always state during these incidents, it comes down to respect.

Billy/Susie was not respecting Steven/Amy as a person.

No other motives, ideas, reasons for these shootings (or violence in America).

Terrorism deaths versus gun-related deaths in the U.S.

WORLDWIDE there is more gun deaths than terrorism, this isn’t strictly an American problem.

Don’t blame guns, gun laws, tv, video games, anything BUT Billy & Susie for those issues.

Under this Rock

Some Millard parents are looking for a problem.

With no solid evidence of issues with voting in schools. A group of parents went looking under every rock, in a nook & cranny. Couldn’t find a problem & made one.
Millard parents start petition to end public voting in schools, click link for Joe’s story.

Security is importance, but inconveniencing people who are exercising their right is no way to go about doing it.


So ‘real heroines’ are single moms. NOT moms, NOT ladies.

Well as an American, As an employee, as a conservative.

I won’t discriminate a mom, a single mom, a dad, a single dad. ALL parents are hero’s, the good parents are better heros.

To have someone (a child) count on you and be there for them is amazing.

Thanks Parents for what you do.

Wait, what?

So let’s run this down. (milk in pouches)

  • It tasted like chocolate milk
  • I also didn’t see any tears from the eyes of disgruntled fourth-graders forced to drink the new brew. Most of them were drinking it without issue. Not a one seemed bothered by the plastic pouches.
  • “The schools are actually saving a tremendous amount of money on trash,” said Pat Mueller with Prairieland Dairy, the supplier of milk pouches to 175 schools in Nebraska. “I’ve had school employees tell me they normally have eight garbage cans overflowing with milk cartons. Now (with the pouches), they have two garbage cans and they’re not full.”

    They cost less, too. A carton of milk can cost about 30 cents per unit while a pouch is estimated to cost about 17 cents per unit.

    “It’s a significant cost savings in the packaging,” said Erin Vik, director of nutrition services at Westside Community Schools. “It’s also a hormone- and antibiotic-free product – anything as natural as it comes benefits us.”

So as your facebook people said – I received all sorts of comments – “who cares,”

So after a well thought out discussion about the BIG issues in Omaha, this issue has been resolved.

The issue is (wait for it)!

NONE at all. Thanks for reading.