Today is the 113th day of the year, I just realized that I haven’t got any invites to a wedding. OR since any engagement announcements from my friends and/or associates.

Y’all know I have a standing wedding date of May 29th, which is 36 days away.

You can send your invites to

Vernon J
6010 Thorton Dr., Apt. 1121
Lincoln, NE 68512

That parking lot sure looks nice.

Very disheartened to hear that #OPA is “sad and disappointed” that it couldn’t come to agreement with #HDR to sell a parking lot to invest $152,000,000 in downtown Omaha.

I didn’t like the idea of OPA might build a parking lot (I mean expand) some day. When HDR had a plan in place to expland. GO HDR.

Thanks for staying in Omaha.

Generally Speaking

Just in General Terms,

IF a person doesn’t work at a place. Say ‘a bank’.

When you ask a person why ‘the bank’ did something with something.

The person who doesn’t work at ‘the bank’ won’t know why ‘the bank’ does what ‘the bank’ wants.

It is quite ‘inappropriate’ to ask those kind of questions, it also makes it harder on ‘a person’ to be like. ‘Don’t you see me behind this counter, at this place, that isn’t ‘the bank’. So why the knowledge would I know that.

Thanks You.

70 Tries After Seattle Raised Its Minimum Wage, I Still Can’t Find A Job

The fact that cities like Seattle, and now states like California, can freely experiment with economic policy demonstrates the virtues of our nation’s federalist system. However, our local laboratories of democracy aren’t always foolproof. Sometimes, they get it wrong.