Don’t hang on to it too long. 

Some people are still hanging on to it.

New Year, Same Quality YOU!

As the pages of our calendars turn, or we break that plastic on the brand new one we got.
There are two things Team Vernon J looks forward to.
The Daytona 500 & Valentine’s Day, 4 Days apart this year.
I just saw Lied Center for Performing Arts is having an event on Friday and Saturday of Valentine’s week. 

Start with a Bang

Well …

Let”s just say we started 2018 with a bang.

I’m officially an operating partner with QSR,

This means I have demonstrated a  though business knowledge and achieved those for the 4th quarter of the year.

No additional requirements, but I just got to keep doing a pretty darn good job.


Vernon J’s YIR

Vernon J’s Year – In – Review.

2017 was a great year.

Started off right where I ended. In Lincoln, Nebraska.

Met new people. 1000’s, but the ones I remember are Emily, Kelly, Ralph.

There was laughs, cries, and shenanigans. I would like to take responsibility for all of them.

We feel short in our ultimate goal.

I didn’t get to a NASCAR race, or go on a 2 day away from Nebraska trip. So you know those are goals for 2018 that can be accomplished sans me.

I give this year a A-.

I look forward to what we can accomplish in MMXVIII together.

32 Words

Oh Looky Here.
I wonder what he could be saying in this picture that is worth 32 words.

You can send cards and non-flower gifts to:

Vernon J
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You can send flowers to:

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