Live It

Had a great time last night.

Good Afternoon & many blessings.

Paul,  Josh, Jim, & many others contributed to the funness.

Today is the 1st day of March in my 36th year. 

For the next 30 days it’s Anything Can Happen March. I’m not sure what that entails,  but let’s remove that governor off our engines.

Are you ready to live with it?

Come to Work

Well Dunkin’ Donuts at 108th & Q is still looking for dependable, hardworking, people to employ. It is a fun job & just imagine that I’ll get to be your supervisor. We are facebook friends, which means at some point I valued your relationship. I know someone is looking for a part-time job. ‪#‎StPatricks‬ Day, anniversary, friend’s ‪#‎Birthday‬ is coming up. YOU can think of a reason for a part-time job. I can think of reason to have dependable, hardworking people on our team. A) cause undependable, lazy people SUCK!!!

Good Day

Good Day for Vernon J.

Today was the 27th day of Feburary in my 36th year.

The team had a good day.

So I posted this –

As a follow up, my supervisor is leaving First Data. I’ve been to worst meetings.

I worked at First Data until 13:26 & then I came home. Watch some NASCAR Sprint Cup & Camping World Series practice. I then left for work, it was great. I clocked out at 2131.

I’ll be taking care of business tomorrow as well.

That’s a lot & it for now.

You are the bestest.

Team USA?

So I saw this post (when it was posted).

This doesn’t guarantee anything but, it could be an opportunity.

More info –

I LOVE my life, but I did enjoy volunteering for the Olympic Swim Trials in 2008, 2012.