Life & Times

​Oh joyous times. Before 0700 you unset your alarm for everything before 0608.

Less than 12 hours later, you set one for 0408. You also had to unbuy that movie ticket you bought after leaving work. 
Cause you forgot you scheduled yourself to work a double. 
But tomorrow is Wednesday, the day after is Thursday. Date Night. 

If I don’t check my schedule😎,  I can have unlimited date time, now to get a date. 

Half Moon

As I had into work today, the moon is (appears) to be half full. 

We all know that it is always there, but in the right light it can be halfway in. 

I’m always going to give you my FULL attention. Let’s do this. 

Different class

Councilman Carl Eskridge said he is more concerned about fixing the inequity in the wheel tax, in which people with $100,000 cars pay the same as people with inexpensive cars. He is interested in looking at a tiered system that provides relief for people with older, less expensive vehicles. 
Mr. Carl, a car with 4, 6, or 8 wheels applies the same amount of wear & tear per driven mile.

Don’t go down that route.

Gun Control Won’t Fix Chicago – WSJ

The author went on to cite Justice Department data showing that “in 2014 rifles were used in only three per cent of all homicides committed with firearms in the United States. The larger problem, quite simply, is the superabundance of handguns.”

Actually, it isn’t that simple. Linking higher rates of gun ownership to higher rates of gun violence is quite problematic. According to the Pew Research Center, 51% of rural residents own a firearm, versus only a quarter of city dwellers, but urban areas have much more gun violence. Similarly, only 19% of blacks and 20% of Hispanics report owning guns, versus 41% of whites, yet gun violence among blacks and Hispanics is much more common.


​This is day 13,546. Are you ready? Does or journey begin today or on Day 13,547th? It’ll be a great ride, I don’t care if you’re driving or I’m driving. 

Let’s enjoy this ride though. 

Join Team Vernon J today.