Vernon J in Omaha

Are you ready?

Are you ready for #VernonJ’s Breaking News?

I will be relocating (until at least the 8th of May) to our Dunkin’ (10177 S 168th Ave, Omaha, NE) while my regular location is closed.
So #Omaha I’ll be in your area, #Lincoln I’ll be back on a regular basis.

Oh, NO Harold

Oh my goodness (tears) @haroldlsmith blocked #VernonJ on Twitter.

Who is Harold?

I didn’t know that was still a thing.

I don’t know Harold.

Russian interference

Has anyone been contacted by a Russian or other non-USA country; telling you to vote a certain way?

Asking for my friend Joseph and/or Richard.

The only vote that matters is the one that is cast on election day, early voting ballot, or mail in ballot.

Anything else is information.

No more FEDERAL taxes for me.

Dear Human Resources,

I Vernon J (employee), object to programs administer by The United States of America Government.

I’ve been recently informed that if I object to taxes, I don’t have to pay them.

I therefore request that the company (employer) no longer withhold taxes from my salary.

I will remit a balance to the programs paid for by my taxes that I don’t object to.

Dear Federal Government.

I will be submitting taxes of $0.00 for the reminder of my life.


Omaha Tour

Who wants to go to #Omaha for Blake Shelton Heroes and Friends Tour?

Thursday March 13th.

I’m inclined to get the $76.xx tickets. You pay your ticket and fees(if necessary).

Will make the purchase on Wednesday Jan 29, MMXX


The only true statement in this is ‘I just introduced legislation … Lincoln and Omaha!

The rest is poppycock.
No I haven’t done all the research, but high speed rail in the US does work. But roughly stating that you would need 3 to 4 cities of (1,500,000+ citizen base in each city) to make it feasible.
Comments & Challenges welcome.
But #lnk doesn’t even run buses on Sunday.

Link to State Senator Morfield’s facebook post –[0]=68.ARDqUqG57O0yTv2Ap1XG-E1G_Y5aYR0tFPUsleKpZ-7jBAQ5rLj4bkBIKBzPPoLSYBZqfTMKzQmbXQ29uwDUf8oEOWiB-VOnyqsPfrZCY4ryf3SotQ9rbwpz0Zp176TxxW9d-gURxYcuQCuJ_uIWcu0e6ytIME58srjCiL2_6ks1u3RIPw7X6GBUpcUZva9RvYGMrk2HsbigO3Pc1iQzTBokwmpHHKeh3x9672hwqDcK1ogmeagCsZDbfqewMY5BvK56ZGKuy6IwERr4fVNwYJAMzqHrpgLpReBnAQG_wPVavSWZe5_UHbGnoT39WRhucCVCxcEX-U8ianjxpQSb6Q&__tn__=-R